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Mind Your Steps while Shopping Online for Cheap Jordan Shoes

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One of the most significant advantages of going online for shopping Air Jordans is the quasi guarantee for discounts. The online portals stock significant quantities of these shoes. This means that whenever they want to sell out a major stock, they cut down the price of Cheap Jordan Shoes by significant and sometimes elephantine proportions. This sort of guarantees some huge savings for the buyers. All the buyers need to do is wait for a chance to find the right online company.

The Seasonal Discounts

The online companies keep offering some deal or the other every now and then. The magnitude of the discounts however, keeps varying with respect to the season of sale. Here it is important to choose the right time to buy Cheap Jordan Shoes. One of the best times to go shopping is in the festive season when the varieties are high and the prices hit the rock bottom.

The scope and magnitude of the deals vary depending on the website the shoes are bought from. There are many websites that offer some real amazing deals on the Cheap Jordan Shoes. On the other hand, there are other websites that do not offer such great deals on the sneakers.

It is Important to Choose the right Shopping Destination  

Another important and most of the times indispensable consideration is choosing the right shopping portal. Though there are hundreds and thousands resellers of Air Jordan Shoes, not all of them command similar reputation. There are only a few web portals that are both ethical and bankable sellers of Cheap Jordan Shoes. Determining which is bankable and which is not is often one of the chief areas of concern for the buyer.

While choosing for the most bankable company, it is important to bear a few extremely important points in mind. Once a website is chosen, it is important that the credentials of the website are checked thoroughly. In order to inspect the authenticity of the website the first step that the customer should take is to find and read the reviews section of the company, if any. Further ideas about the websites selling Cheap Jordan Shoes can be formed from different forums in the internet.

Air Jordan Shoes Shopping Guid

The First Air Jordan Designed with White, Black and Red:

The First Air Jordan designed with White, Black and red

The first Air Jordan shoes were released by Nike. They were created and designed by Nike’s head designer, Peter Moore. This AJ I were first released in a black and red colorway. These shoes created much controversy with NBA commissioner David Stern as they lacked white color on the shoe. They were violation of on-court dress code and banned from NBA courts. Anyway Michael did wear them every time and paid the penalty too. Throughout 1985 season he wore them.

Michael Jordan Quote:
“I’ve always believed that if you put in work, the results will come”.


Shopping for Jordan shoes isn’t limited to retail stores and online shops:
Since long a practice has entered into the realm of Google, internet sneaker forums, and other unofficial third-party resellers is that in case you are buying these shoes outside an official retailer you will end up paying more than the actual retail price. Air Jordan and sneaker culture has grown strong through impressive rates depending on the “supply and demand”. It has become an accepted culture to pay above retail after a sneaker release. So to ensure not to spend more than the value of the product, a sneakers price list guide would be of great help.

Jordan shoes price guide and online comparison:
Instead of a yearly price guide, a sneaker price guide would be much better as a monthly publication. As prices of sneaker tend to fluctuate till now mostly upwards though, the overall price of a shoe may also come due to unusual event.
For example, the Air Jordan XI “Bred” restock:- The availability of more number of pairs that is ready to fill the market and chances of purchasing them through retail shopping again, may bring down the outside sellers price without doubt for now. The sneakers always have a primary purpose to take pride to be laced up on your feet and introduced into the ground. Still there are chances of releasing one’s favorite classic style as newer though they were released years ago. Taste and style of the market may make the classic style more popular now than it was years ago. So it’s good to go through price guide to make a right choice.


Jordan Son of Mars Shoes

A combination of Jordan Brand’s past retro still remaining a member of the Spizike family is the Jordan Son of Mars Men’s Basketball Shoes. The stylish feature in this shoes are a smooth leather upper with increased breathability, midfoot strap for a secure fit and unbeatable stylish details like laser elephant print. You can rock with these during your next hoops game.

Jordan Son of Mars – Teal / Black – Red

Jordan Son of Mars–Teal-Black–Red.jpg
We are welcoming yet another stellar colorway as the Jordan Son of Mars attempts to live up to its pops’ name. The sneaker is given a teal upper and its nubuck, leather and elephant print segments all follow suit. Trimmed in black with hits of red, leaves us wordless.
Jordan Son of Mars Low “Atlanta Hawks” :
Celebrating the 25th anniversary of Michael Jordan’s Slam Dunk Contest win over Dominique Wilkins, The Air Jordan 1 Retro High OG “Atlanta Hawks” is celebrating the anniversary. The celebration continues, as Jordan Brand may also release this pair of Jordan Son of Mars Low to pay homage to the event.
Trading between several hues including team red, gym red and university gold, the hybrid model features a leather build. Their appearance with speckles and elephant prints make them look great and unique. Look for Nike.com to stock the shoe today.
Jordan Son Of Mars Low “Team Red” New Images

Jordan Son Of Mars Low Team Red New Images
One great looking shoe is the Jordan Son of Mars Low “Team Red”. It may be ready for its release however we need to check the gallery above for all the proof we need. While university gold unwittingly wins the fight for your attention on this leather and nubuck tinged silhouette, Team red and gym red duke it out for dominance. These certainly are next level fresh between the elephant print and gold speckles and should be on the list for this Saturday. Including Food locker, look for them at your local Jordan Brand retailer.
Jordan Son of Mars Low “Bel-Air”

Jordan Son of Mars Low Bel-Air
It seems like the Jordan Brand Son of Mars line will also be going that route, with the “Bel-Air” Air Jordan 5′s hitting the streets this October. Giving an ode to the popular 90′s sitcom made famous by Will Smith. With an array of vibrant colors the Son of Mars Low “Bel-Air” comes in a Black upper, such as Electric Yellow, Court Purple, Club Pink, and Light Blue highlights.

This crazy design is finished with Neon laces, Purple stitching and multicolor Elephant print panels. Release date is yet to be disclosed.

Neither Any Brand Than The Jordan Brand


Michael Jordan the legend will live forever. No other athlete did ever mean so much to the game of basketball, neither any brand than the Jordan brand, has ever meant more to the world of sneakers. As soon as the Air Jordan’s first pair was released in the market, the fame of brand blew up. Not only the brand also Michael Jordan was raised from a basketball player to new idea or a concept. Basketball players of all ages wanted to get their hands on a pair of Air Jordans, as Michael Jordan continued to do amazing things on the court.

Brand Jordan grew bigger and bigger in the market and it became more than shoes for the people. They also became collector’s items. Nike began creating Jordan Retro shoes, on watching the growing popularity of the brand. With same design as the originals along with minor updation with current technologies Jordan Retro was featured with a number of new color ways to recreate the iconic Jordan shoes.

Amongst the sneaker community Jordan Retros have created such a buzz, that they are as highly demanded as the originals. People were proud to put on a pair of Air Jordans. They feel that they are not wearing shoes but making a statement. Shop in Foot Locker if you are interested to find yourself in a pair of the hottest Jordan Retro shoes on the market.

How Far Are You Willing To Go For A Pair Of Jordan shoes


Like Muslims travel to Hajj for worship and Families of Soldiers visit memorials of their lost ones to pay their homage, people travel distance to buy Jordan’s new release. Every year young men and women travel to collect their Jordan’s new release. The outlets became their place of pilgrimage. Some people collect and sell them for double or triple price.

Air Jordan is a shoe brand produced by Nike and Michael Jordan which is air clothing designed. It is brand subsidiary for Nike’s Jordan brand. The shoes are referred as Air Jordans or just J’s informally. It After Michael Jordan wore them as a rookie in 1984, it was first realized in public consumption in 1985 and with new designs every year thereafter.

Michael Jordan is another reason for the brand’s popularity. In Michael Jordan’s career every Retro Jordan shoe released tells a story. During the Chicago Bulls’ 72, Jordan wore the XI. He won championship season of 1995-1996. Mike’s shoes were dedicated to significant moments in his career. The popularity is so that everyone wants to be like Mike, and to be like Mike does not mean a basket player but meant buying his shoes. So for people it did not matter if the shoes didn’t help them jump higher or play better. They wanted to have them to feel like Mike.

Jordan shoe brand had released over 25 different trend setting designs with multiple color patterns, since 1985. Literally people will pay more dollar for an opportunity to wear and add their collection. Every hallway of every school, every city, every basketball court the shoes are worn.

At over $1 billion annually, the company brand is raking in revenue. Jordan brand is dominating its market. A True fact is it is Jordan brand whose shoes are sold at a rate of 3 out of every 4 pairs of basketball and above all that 86.5% of all basketball shoes over $100 that are sold are Jordan Brand.

Of the overall U.S. shoe market Jordan Brand has a 10.8 percent share, and that becomes the second biggest brand in the country. It is more than twice the size of Adidas’ share, JB’s closest competitor.